>>GOM Picker UI

The GOM Picker Button Bar

GOM Picker [Download] button
When you click the [Download] button, the GOM Picker main window will pop up and the video will be begin downloading to the designated destination folder automatically.

When possile, a menu displaying various video sizes / qualities / formats will be displayed. Click on the one you want to download, or click the "Download all" option to download all the available sizes.

[Play on GOM]
GOM Picker [Play on GOM] button
Clicking the [Play on GOM] button will instantly play back the video using GOM Media Player.

[▼] (Options)
GOM Picker Options
[Save as(V)] : Allows you to rename the file before saving.
[Show GOM Picker(S)] : Displays the GOM Picker main window.
[Show GOM Picker Guide(I)] : Displays this page.

GOM Picker [X] button
Clicking the [X] button will close the GOM Picker button bar. If you reload the current page, or navigate to a new page, the button bar will appear again. GOM Picker can save embedded flash video files that are in .MP4, .FLV, and .SWF format. The [Play in GOM] feature is not supported with .MP4 files, and will be grayed-out when viewing such videos.


The GOM Picker Window

GOM Picker Window

1 Thumbnail
Displays a thumbnail preview of the video being downloaded. Clicking on the thumbnail will launch the video in GOM Media Player.

2 Filename
The file name of the video being downloaded is displayed here.

3 Download Status
Displays the current progress of the download as a percentage and an estimated time to completion.

4 File Buttons

[||] Pause the current download process
[+] Add the completed download to the GOM Video Converter conversion list.
[X] Cancel a paused download or remove completed download from the GOM Picker list.
[(Resume)] Resumes a paused download.


5 Global Buttons

[Refresh List] Clears all completed downloads from the GOM Picker window
[Clear List] Clears the GOM Picker window completely. Any completed downloads will be removed from the list, and any paused or working downloads will be cancelled.
[Start] Starts/Resumes all queued and paused download processes.


6 Destination Folder
Displays the path to the folder where videos downloaded with GOM Picker are currently being saved. You can click the [Open] button to open the destination folder, or click the folder button to choose a new destination folder.

7 Setting button
Shows/Hides the GOM Picker settings.

8 Settings
Allows you to check/uncheck additional GOM Picker options.

9 Window Control
Minimize, maximize, or close the GOM Picker window. Note that clicking the [X] button will not quit GOM Picker, it will minimize it to the Windows Notifications area**.

** When GOM Picker is minimized to the notifications area, right-clicking on the icon will give you the option to re-open the window or exit out of the program completely. You can also change your closing options from this menu. By default "Move to try"will be selected. If you choose "Exit program", you can quit out of GOM Picker by clicking the [X] button at the top right of the GOM Picker window.



GOM Picker can not download videos that are protected by DRM or similar digital copyright protection technologies.
GOM Picker can not download live streams.
Downloading protected videos and reposting them on different websites may result in a copyright violation.
GOM Picker is designed to enhance users internet browsing expierence and expand the functionality of GOM Video Converter. If you don't wish to use GOM Picker, you can disable the plugin on I.E., or uninstall it from the Windows control panel at any time.