>> Change Playback Speed

Increase or decrease the playback speed of output files with GOM Video Converter.

Sometimes you might want to alter the speed of a video or audio file. Users who are practicing listening for foreign language study, or those who are attempting to figure out how to play a song by ear could benefit from slowing down a video. Conversely, some videos may need to be sped up for other practical or artistic purposes. With GOM Video Converter you can speed up a video by 4x, or make it as slow as 0.2x.


1 Click the [Add] button to add the file(s) you'd like to convert to the conversion list.

Add files

2 Select the file whose playback speed you want to alter, and then click the [Settings] button under "Output Info".

Output Settings

3 The "Output Settings" window will pop up. When it does, click on the "Others" tab.

4 Under "Play speed", use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the playback rate.

5 Click the [OK] button to save the changes, and the click [Start] to begin converting.

Others tab

* You can increase the playback speed as high as 4.0 x, or decrease it as low as 0.2 x.
* Leave the box next to "Voice correction" checked if you want to auto adjust the pitch of the audio track as you change the playback speed. In order words, voice correction will make sure the audio track sounds the same, just plays faster or slower. Not using voice correction will cause the pitch to increase as you raise the playback speed, and decrease as you lower the playback speed.