GOM Video Converter License Pricing

You can upgrade the free trial of GOM Video Converter to the full version by purchasing and registering a license key.
Licenses are categorized into personal and corporate licenses. In order to use GOM Video Converter at companies, corporations, public organizations, or in any other public or commercial capacity, a Corporate License must be purchased. Personal Licenses are intended for private home-use only. Licenses never expire: only one payment is necessary for a lifetime of use.
Each license may only be used on one computer at a time. If you attempt to use the same license on several computers simultaneously, re-registration will be required and your license key may become invalidated.

Personal license

$34.95 USD
Personal license

Corporate Volume licenses

License 1 ~ 10
: $34.95 USD (per copy)
License 11 ~ 20
: $29.95 USD (per copy)
License 21+
: $24.95 USD (per copy)
Corporate Volume licenses

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What are the differences between the Trial Version and Full Version?

GOM Video Converter Refund Policy.

System Requirements

Supported OS
32bit or 64 bit editions of Windows XP (SP2 or higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Not compatible with Windows 98 / ME / XP SP1 or lower.
Japanese and Korean versions of the OS are not supported.
CPU Intel Pentium 4 or higher
Memory 128MB RAM or higher
HDD 30MB of disk space (Required at the time of installation)

* Internet Connection (Internet certification software update required)
   - GOM Video Converter will perform a license validation check within 30 days.
     Using the software offline for more than 30 days may result in usage restrictions.
* Cannot be used on a PC with a proxy network connection.
* Direct X9.0c or higher
* Windows Media Player 9 or higher
* Most recent version of GOM Media Player installed (recommended)

Known Bugs and Problems

GOM Video Converter is an excellent program, but it is impossible to 100% guarantee successful conversion for all videos all the time. Some known issues include:

  • Some cell phones may not be able to properly play videos converted with GOM Video Converter due to complications with their video playback functions.
  • Some damaged video files, while playable on some video/media players with no issues, may contain an A/V sync problem after conversion.
  • The Bookmark function might not work properly when converting certain WMV files.
  • Codecs installed on the computer may occasionally cause conversion errors or force the program to quit unexpectedly.
  • Please use our Support Center to inform us of any other bugs or problems you experience while using GOM Video Converter. We will do out best to resolve your issue in a timely manner.


Questions about the Program

If you have any questions about GOM Video Converter, license key payment, or any other issue relating to using the software, please contact us via our Support Center.



GOM Video Converter is protected by copyright and computer program protection laws. Individuals who do not act in accordance with technology protection laws by any means may face civil and/or criminal charges.

Each license key can only be used on one computer at a time. Using the same license key on multiple devices simultaneously may result in the invalidation of that license.

GOM Video Converter, and the technologies and ideas incorporated in software products released by GRETECH Corp, are the intellectual property of GRETECH Corp. A license and permission must be obtained from GRETECH Corp. before using any such property in a commercial capacity.