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GOM Video Converter Refund Policy

Views: 40,690 Date: 2009. 11. 02

Please read the GOM Video Converter Refund Policy before purchasing a full version license key!

Except in very rare cases, GOMlab will not issue refunds for purchases of GOM Video Converter license keys, and in general users should consider this a no-refund policy. The trial version of GOM Video Converter is available for free with very few limitations on functionality, and we recommend trying the software before you decide to buy a full version license key.

There are only two (2) circumstances under which a refund will be considered. If a user does not fall into either of these categories, he or she is not eligible for a refund of any kind. Refunds are considered entirely on a case-by-case basis. All refund requests must be submitted via the GOM Video Converter Support Center.

Full refunds will be considered if:

1. In the event an individual user unintentionally purchases 2 (or more) licenses when they only meant to purchase one, the extra licenses can be cancelled and the extra payments refunded.


a. The user is only eligible for a refund if the extra licenses have never been registered via GOM Video Converter.

b. The user is still not eligible for a refund for the first license purchased unless he or she also falls under category 2 below.


2. If within one month of the initial purchase date, the user experiences more than one issue where the software will not perform a basic function that is explicitly stated to be supported, the user has contacted GOM Video Converter Support with a detailed description of each error he or she is experiencing (including Operating System information and, in the case of a conversion error, the conversion log info), and the user has not received a response from the GOM Video Converter Support Center within five (5) business days (business days are Monday – Friday, not including holidays), a full refund will be considered.


a. This does not imply that a refund is guaranteed if GOMlab is unable to offer solutions for any or all of the reported errors. It implies that a refund will be considered if the errors are severe and GOMlab fails to give adequate and timely attention to the reports that are submitted.


b. An error in a “basic function” refers to broad non-specific errors that result in the software not performing an intended function, such as (but not limited to) not being able to install/launch the program after downloading the installer through official channels, not being able to convert any videos of a format type that is explicitly claimed to be supported, not being able to use an advanced feature with any conversion, etc. Errors such as periodic conversion errors with specific files, minor flaws in some videos after conversion, periodic errors when trying to use advanced features, missing codecs, etc. will not be considered viable reasons to grant a refund.


c. Any errors that are caused by any factor that is beyond the direct control of GOMlab (such as updates to operating systems, codecs, 3rd party software, etc) will not be considered viable reasons to grant a refund.


d. In regards to the five business day rule, even if the user was not aware that a given weekday was a holiday being observed by the GOM Video Converter Support Center staff, said weekday is still considered to be a holiday, not a business day.


In the event a full refund is granted, the method by which said refund is sent / processed may differ depending on the purchase method initially used by the purchaser.

No refund will be granted before the requesting user’s identity can be confirmed as the buyer.