GOM Video Converter


Getting a virus alert when installing GOM Video Converter.

Views: 66,535 Date: 2009. 11. 02

The GOM Video Converter execution file is encrypted with a compression program to prevent hacking. Some anti-virus programs erroneously recognize this compression as a virus. Assuming you’ve downloaded GOM Video Converter through official channels, we assure you that the installation file is not infected with a virus.

Should your virus protection software incorrectly flag GOM Video Converter as malicious software, there is a chance it won't install or run properly.

As a temporary work-around, add GOM Video Converter to your anti-virus software's exception list (or whatever your particular software calls it) and run the installation file like normal.

If you encounter this problem, chances are that your anti-virus program manufacturer will resolve the issue within the next few days; however if you don't want to take your chances by waiting, notify the software developer to check if they're working on a solution.

If you are running an old version of the anti-virus software, update to the newest version or consider switching to a different program.

This error will not occur if you are using the latest version of a well-known anti-virus program.