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What are the differences between the Free version and the Full version?

Views: 277,879 Date: 2010. 10. 05

You can experience almost all that GOM Video Converter has to offer while using the free version, at the exception of the following limitations:


1. A working internet connection is required every time you run the trial version.

2. A GOM Video Converter watermark will be embedded on all videos converted with the free version.

3. There is a 10 minute time limit on all output videos when using the free version.

4. MP3 file extraction function is unavailable.

5. The option enabling users to create an MP3 file when converting to the AVI or FLV format is unavailable.

6. Image ratio division function is unavailable.


After purchasing and registering a license key, you will have unrestricted access to all of GOM Video Converter's features.

To purchase a license key and get started using the full version, please visit here