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Converting subtitles in RTL (Right to left) Languages

Views: 15,068 Date: 2012. 10. 24

GOM Video Converter now supports subtitle output for RTL Languages (such as Arabic). This feature is still in the Beta phase, so it is not enabled by default.

To enable RTL Language Support:

1. Launch GOM Video Converter
2. Click the [Config.] button at the top right of the main window
3. Go to the "Subtitle" tab
4. Check the box next to "RTL Language Support [Beta]"
5. Click [OK] to close the Configurations window

If the subtitles are being displayed as meaningless characters or empty boxes:
It may be necessary to check you "Code Page" settings. These settings can be found directly above the "RTL Language Support [Beta] check box. Click on the pop-menu next to "Select code page:", and then choose the language that matches the subtitles you are using.