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Merging multiple videos into a single output video

Views: 32,871 Date: 2012. 10. 24

GOM Video Converter enables you to combine several videos into a single file using the Merge feature. This feature can be useful for stringing together several clips from the same event, recombining movies that were divided into two parts, and any other situation where one file is better than many.

To use the Merge feature, follow the steps below:
1. Launch GOM Video Converter

2. Add the files that you would like to combine to the conversion list. You can do this by clicking the [Add] button and using the file browser, or by simply dragging & dropping the files onto the main window.

3. Select the files you want to combine by clicking on the first file, then [Shift] + Clicking on the last file. This will highlight the first file, the last file, and all the files in between in orange.

4. Right-click on one of the files that you highlighted, then select "Merge Videos". A bracket will then be displayed to show which videos are to be combined.

5. To remove one of the files from the merge, click on it to make sure it is the only file highlighted in orange, then right-click and select "Cancel Merge".

6. When you are satisfied with your merge settings, click the start button to begin the conversion. All the files will be combined into a single output file based on the conversion settings you have chosen!


1. You cannot use the Merge function and the Split function at the same time.
2. You cannot merge files with different attributes (size, encoding, format, etc) when using DSC. This is only true when using DSC.
3. You cannot use the Merge function with 2PASS-CBR encoding.
4. Synchronization issues may occur when merging some WMV files.
5. Synchronization issues my occur when the Frame output setting is set to "No Change" (Settings -> Video Tab -> Frame)