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"List of files that can't be encoded" window appears when I try to add files.

Views: 17,495 Date: 2013. 11. 22

If a window titled "List of files that can't be encoded" appears when you try to add a file to the conversion list, it means one of the following:

1. The data contained in the file is encoded in a format that is not supported by default, and additional codecs must be installed before converting.
2. The file is not a video or audio file, and therefore cannot be converted by GOM Video Converter.
3. The file is corrupt / broken and therefore cannot be converted by GOM Video Converter.

When this window appears, please click the "Find Codec" text link that appears next to the file name of the video that could not be added. If the necessary codec is recognized, you will be taken to a page where the required codec can be downloaded, or where you can read more about the required codec.

If clicking the "Find Codec" link returns a "Codec Not Found" page, or if downloading and installing the recommended codec does not enable you to add the file to the conversion list, please contact the support center with the following information:

1. The type of file you are trying to add to the conversion list.
2. How the file was created / obtained, including the make/model of the device used to create it, the software used to download it, a link to the original download link, etc.
3. If possible, a copy of the file itself.

Any other specific information you can provide about the file and the circumstances surrounding your conversion will be very helpful in resolving the issue.

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