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I get an OS or CPU error when I try to install GOM Video Converter

Views: 14,030 Date: 2014. 04. 23

The minimum specifications for GOM Video Converter were changed in the update to version released on April 21, 20 14

The new specifications are as follow s:

OS: Windo ws 8.1(3 2bit/64bit), 8(32bit/64bit), 7(32bit/64bit ),
Vista(32bit/64bit), XP SP2 or highe r.

CPU: In tel Pent ium 4、AMD Athlon 64 or bett er

If you computer doesn't meet one of those requir ements, or i f you get an error when trying to install version, please download and install the compatible versio n of 1.1 .0.60 from here:
http s://app.gomlab.com/site2k/encoder/GOMVIDEOCONVERTER2KS ETUP_EN G.EXE

If yo u think your computer meets those specifications and the error message is appearing incorrectly, please cont act the 
GOM Video Converter Suppor t Cente r and send us some additional system  info and&nb sp;we&# 39;ll be happy to confirm that for you .

To retrieve the additional system&nbs p;information, please go to the Wi