GOM Encoder


Backing-up and Restoring GOM Video Converter Settings when Uninstalling

Views: 12,612 Date: 2014. 05. 22

GOM Video Converter Configuration settings are stored in the registry, and as such we cannot provide users with a way to create a backup of these settings.

Adding a feature that would let users backup and restore preferences / configurations to the user interface is being currently under consideration, and will hopefully be made available in future versions of the software. We appreciate your understanding in the meantime.

Below we’ve compiled a list of files that can be backed up manually before uninstalling and their locations. Files / settings that are not included in the list below unfortunately cannot be backed up, and will be lost when the software is uninstalled.

(1) Presets
Custom Presets are stored in the following location (if the software is installed in the default C: drive location):

(2) File Information for files that were added to the GOM Video Converter conversion list
This information is temporarily stored in the file below:
C:\Users\(Your User Name)\AppData\Roaming\GRETECH\GOMVideoConverter\EncListBackup.ini

This information is used to restore the conversion list along with Segment Settings and Output Settings when restarting the software after a crash / stalled conversion / forced shutdown. This means that after a conversion is completed successfully, the file and setting information for that session is no longer stored in this EncListBackup.ini file.

Again, files and settings other than those listed above cannot be saved or backed up manually.