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>>What is GOM Video Converter?

GOM Video Converter is...

As the name suggests, GOM Video Converter is software that can change (convert) one type of video file into a different type of video file. In the process of converting a file to a different format, GOM Video Converter also lets you make various changes to the file, such as increasing or decreasing the size, cutting out unwanted parts, rotating the image, adjusting audio and subtitle synchronization, and more!

Why do videos need to be converted?

When you try to watch a video on your PC, chances are you will have a software that will be able to play it no matter what format it is (software like GOM Media Player!). However, if you want to watch videos on devices other than your PC, upload them to the internet, or use them with special software, often times the videos need to meet specific format and / or size requirements in order to be viewed correctly. GOM Video Converter gives users the ability to convert almost any video file into a format and size that fits their needs.

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