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Here's how to convert videos with GOM Video Converter in just 3 easy steps.

simple 3-step conversion

1) Add Files to Convert

Click the [Add] button to add files to the conversion list.

Add files

Tip ) You can also drag and drop files onto the conversion list directly.

Add files by drag and drop

2) Select a Preset

Select a preset for the device you want to use your converted files with. Whenever you change your output settings they will stay that way until you change them again, even if you quit and re-launch the program. That way you don't need to redo your output settings every time you start GOM Video Converter.

Select a Preset
If no preset is provided for your device, visit our Preset Download forums where you can download presets from other GOM Video Converter users. You can also request presets from other users on our Preset Request forums.

3) Start Conversion

Now you're ready to convert your files. Just click the [Start] button.

Conversion Start

After the conversion gets started, a window where you can view its progress will appear.

Converting Window


After Converting...

By clicking the [Destination] button you can open the folder where all your converted files have been saved.

After converting

Tip) You can also send your converted files directly to a connected device by using the following options:

Move or Copy to a connected device
Click the [...] button to open the file browser and select the proper directory located within the connected device.
  • Choosing "Move the output file to the directory below" will transfer the converted file from your destination folder to the directory you chose with the [...] button.
  • Choosing "Copy the output file to the directory below" will save the converted file to both your destination folder and the directory you chose with the [...] button.