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Selecting Preset

* Let's learn out about the Preset and its related settings.

1) Selecting Preset
The following shows how to select the Preset from the main menu.

a) When you select the small arrow next to the Preset, 'Preset Quick List' will expand and you can select the Preset you want.

b) When you click above the Preset menu, 'Manage Presets' menu will pop up and You can set the Preset by clicking the [Apply] button after selecting the Preset you want.

Tip) If you do not see the Preset you want, you can search for it at Download > Preset Board on the GOM Video Converter homepage.
When you download and open the *.gep file from the website, the Preset will automatically added to the 'User Settings' folder.
In case the file is not automatically added to the folder, manually copy the file into the Custom Preset folder located in the directory where GOM Video Converter is installed then restarted the program.


c) In case you have downloaded the Preset file

1 From main window click [Preset Quick List] button to open the 'Manage Presets' menu.

2 Click the [Add] button on the Preset list.

3 Check Add a Preset file.

4 Click the [Browse] button to search for the Preset file on your computer.

5 Select the Preset file you would like to add then click the [OK] button.

6 When the file has been added to the file name window, click the [OK] button.

7 Go back to the Preset list and confirm that the file has been added correctly.

2) Edit Preset
GOM Video Converter initial Preset settings can be set, added and changed by the user.
Preset settings can be selected freely. You can enlarge the video, and change the video quality, sound and etc.

a) Selecting the Preset to edit

1 From the main window click the [Preset Quick List] button to open 'Manage Presets' menu.

2 Select the Preset you would like to edit.

3 Click the [Apply] button to select the Preset you would like to edit.

4 To edit the quick Preset settings, click the [Settings] button from the main window.
• If you want to change the video codec, select codec from the 'Video Codec' drop-down menu.
• If you want to change the codec format (quality), select the wanted settings from the 'Audio Codec' drop-down menu.

b) Saving the edited Preset
The edited Preset will be saved temporarily. You have to click the [Manage Presets] button to save the Preset settings.


1 Click [Manage Presets] after setting your preferences.

2 Click the add button.

3 Type in the name you want. When you enter the name in the section the file name will be entered automatically.

4 Click the [OK] button.

5 New Preset, edited from an original from the Preset List will be added and the user Preset can be used afterward.

3) Preset Management
Preset will be saved to the directory ( ex) C:\Program Files\GRETECH\GomVideoConverter\presets\custom ) where GOM Video Converter is installed.
You can view the Presets or manage them with Preset Management.

a) User Preset File

1 Click the [Manage Presets] button.

2 Click the [Preset Folder] button.

image image

3 Open the Custom folder from the Preset List.

4 You can view or edit the default settings, and Preset files downloaded from the GOM Video Converter website will be saved in the Custom folder.

* All the Preset files have the extension of '.gep'.


b) Save & Add Preset
Even if you manually change the conversion settings, to apply same settings to your next converting process save the according settings as a Preset.

(If at least one of the output settings has been changed, the Preset name will disappear and '[Preset Settings]' will be shown instead.)

Click the [Preset Settings] button to move to the 'Manage Presets' menu. Then click the [Add] button to add as the 'Add Current Settings'.

c) If it's hard to read the list or find the Preset you want because there are so many unused Presets, you can easily manage the list with the following method.
Like the section indicated by the redline in the picture below, uncheck the Presets you wish to remove.

d) Editing Preset Directly
You can view the content of the Preset by right clicking the file then choosing to open the program with the notepad.
Basic Preset file looks like the following, and you can edit the information manually depending on the content.
To make a new file and edit, make sure you change the file extension to '.gep' before you save the file.

e) Things to be aware of when removing the GOM Video Converter
For some reason if you remove the GOM Video Converter, you will see a message like below if there is a default profile in the custom folder.
If you select [No], default profile and the original folder will not be removed and you will be able to use the information when GOM Video Converter is re-installed.