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GOM Video Converter does more than simply convert video files from one format to another. Below are only some of the convenient features that will help you enhance your conversion experience.
Useful Features
 1. Crop/Segment media files.                          2.Extract audio from videos.                                    3.Still image + Audio merge

Download with GOM Picker Download embedded flash videos from websites like YouTube and Vimeo.
Rotation and Flip Rotate input video in 90 degree increments or flip horizontally/vertically.
Crop/Segment Files GOM Video Converter lets you choose which part of an input file you want to output. This works for both video and audio files.
Change Playback Speed Increase or decrease the playback speed of output files with GOM Video Converter.
Intel Qucik Sync Video Use Intel Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration for high speed H.264 conversions (only available on PCs that meet the required technical specifications)
Extracting audio from a video It's possible to extract the audio track from a video file and save it as an MP3 or AAC audio file.
Send directly to portable devices This function automatically sends the video to devices such as iPod
and PSP after completing conversion.
DSC (Direct Stream Copy) Function This function allows you to change the container format of a file without actually converting the data. This results in a much quicker conversion processes.
Still image + Audio Merge Function GOM Video Converter makes it easy to merge a still image with an audio file, resulting in a video file the displays the image for the duration of the audio track.
Video Output Size Adjustment Choose what screen size you want your output video to have.
Split Output Video Split an output video into several parts automatically using "Split".