GOM Video Converter


>> Uninstallation

You can uninstall GOM Video Converter with either of the two following methods.

The first method is to use the uninstallation wizard that is included in the software. The wizard exists in the path where GOM Video Converter is installed, and it also can be found in the ‘GOM’ program list under the Startup Programs on Windows 7.

The second method is to uninstall the program from the Control Panel. In the Program List of the Control Panel, find GOM Cam, and then double-click it or click the [Uninstall/Modify] button.

The path where GOM Video Converter is installed will be displayed. To uninstall the program, click the [Uninstall] button.

During the uninstallation process, if a dialog box asking you to completely delete the installation folder, click the [Yes] button. It will completely uninstall GOM Video Converter.