GOM Video Converter


>> Main Window

The Main Window is the first window you see after running the GOM Video Converter. (If you run the GOM Video Converter for the first time after installation, a brief guide about its main functions will be provided on the Main Window.)

The Main Window of the GOM Video Converter consists of the following

1. Configuration
The menu for program configuration.
2. License information button
You can view the license registration date and e-mail information on the License Information window.
3. Help
Links to the FAQ page of the homepage. If you have any questions, check the FAQ. If you cannot find the answer, then contact our Customer Center.
4. Website
Links to the GOM Video Converter homepage.
5. Program window control button
This button can be used to minimize or maximize the GOM Video Converter Main Window. The program will be closed if you press [X].
6. Encoding List
Current files on the Encoding List will be displayed. The file name, play time, video/audio file format, subtitle information etc can be checked.
7. Add
You can add files to the Encoding List.
8. Delete / Delete All
- Delete: The desired file can be chosen from the Encoding List and deleted.
- Delete All: All files on the Encoding List can be deleted at once.
9. Control Order of Video List
4 buttons can be used to control the order of the video list.
Selected files can be [Moved to Top] [Moved Up 1 Row] [Moved Down 1 Row] [Moved to Bottom].
10. Merge Videos
Two or more selected videos can be merged to one.
11. Set segment / Edit segment
You can set segments & edit videos up to 4 segments in the desired length.
You can set the audio sync, audio amplification, subtitle sync, color, video effects and subtitles/logo for each video. For more details, refer to Set segment.
12. Quick Setup
You can easily set encoding options by selecting the desired application and preset.
For more details, refer to Quick Setup.
13. Source Info. / Output Info.
Displays the information of the original file and the expected information of the output file.
14. Settings
You can set in detail file settings such as the output format, codec, video, audio, subtitles, logo and etc. See here for more details.
15. Output Folder
Displays the location where the encoded file is saved.
16. Change the Output Folder
You can change the location where the encoded file is saved.
17. Open
Opens the folder set as the file saving location.
18. Start
Click the button to start encoding.