GOM Video Converter


>> Configuration

YYou can define general options and Settings of the GOM Video Converter. Settings consist of ‘General’, ‘Multi-encoding’, ‘Filter’, ‘Codec’, ‘Subtitles’ and ‘License’. See here for more details.


1. Language settings
Choose between Korean and English.
2. General settings
Deletes file when encoding fails.
Limits file name length to max. 63 characters.
3. Log
Creates log files.
Creates history files.
4. Shortcuts
Goes to GOM Video Converter shortcut page.
5. Notification
Sets notification for instances when encoding fails, encoding is successfully completed, and minor versions are updated.



1. Set number of simultaneous encoding tasks
Select the number of tasks to be encoded simultaneously.
2. Task priority
Select task priority.
3. CPU
Displays CPU information.



1. Set compatibility
If a certain filter causes compatibility issues, you can deactivate it here. Usually, it is recommended that all checkboxes are selected.
2. Play ASF format (WMA, WMV)
Select the ASF source filter to be used for files in ASF (WMA, WMV) format.
3. Select internal source filter
Deselect checkboxes if you don’t want to use GOM internal filters.



1. Set codec
Set the codec to use when performing H.264 encoding.
2. Sound effect
Set automatic sound amplify effect.
3. Codec operation mode
Sets codec operation mode.
4. Etc
Sets a bit rate limitation.



1. Select subtitles
Selects the language display mode of all subtitles.
2. Set priority
Sets priority of subtitles in case both built-in subtitles and separate subtitles are present.
3. Code page
In case a subtitle file in a foreign language is used, the code page of the according language must be defined for the file to be processed successfully.
4. Subtitles wizard
Searches for subtitles file automatically if a file is added to the encoding list.