GOM Video Converter

Version History

Version Description
    • Playback core upgrade

    • Stabilized gallery / snapshot functions

    •  Improved video file information debugging function

    • Add HEVC codec support for MP4 formats

    • Upgraded and fixed bugs related to video stitching function

    • Minor bug fixes and improvements
    • Encoding per file is possible
    • Added program information, user guide and segment setting help
    • Added subtitle/logo menu to interval setting
    • Changed default video codec settings and default asf type source filter
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
    • Fixed preset error
    • Software stabilization
    • New icons and design skins for UI improvement
    • Enhance subtitle capabilities
    • Support for Gom Player input formats 
    • Upgraded support for MKV output format
    • Upgraded support for HEVC codecs for high-resolution video encoding
    • Fixed video and audio synchronization
    • Convert Function Improvement
      - Fixed the problem of adding some of the 3ivX codec videos.
      - Fixed the problem of converting some of the VOB files.
      - Fixed “when converting some of the VOB files, the conversion speed becomes
        minus” problem.
      - Fixed the conversion problem when setting a lower video frame for outputs than
        the original VOB files.
      - Fixed “when converting the Korean SRT subtitle with the version,
        the previous converted Korean subtitle file will be used for output” problem.
    • Disable Filters
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and improvements
    • ASS/SSA subtitles support
    • Optimization of all current presets and new presets added
    • Converted files focus feature
    • Improvement of conversion performance 
    • Added Source Filter Control
    • Improvements of file information recognition and display
    • Improvement of installation program
    • Added more disable filters
    • Corrected an issue where certain ITU.H264 MKV files would produce an error during conversion
    • Corrected an issue where certain AVI files would produce an error during conversion
    • Improved conversion for VOB and TS files
    • Added Spanish as a user interface language option
    • It is now possible to use to rotation feature while using the "Smart Resize" output ratio method
    • "Smart Resize" is now the default output ratio method
    • Other misc corrections and fixes
    • Official Windows 8.1 Support added
    • Changes to minimum system requirements. 
    • Improved the internal source filter and decoder. 
    • Added Internal Codec Support
    • Updated GOM Picker to version
    • Added support for H.265 (HEVC) files as an input format.
    • Improved the security of the GOM Video Converter installer package
    • Corrected an issue where the video aspect ratio would not be applied properly when using the Smart Resize resize filter.
    • Changed the smallest size setting in the output settings to 320x240 (smaller sizes can still be output by entering custom values).
    • Updated the GOM Video Converter and GOM Picker EULA to reflect changes to minimum system requirements.
    • Other miscellaneous changes and fixes
    • GOM Picker updated to version
    • Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported by GOM Picker
    • Corrected an error where GOM Picker would launch several instances of GOM Video Converter after completing downloads.
    • Corrected an issue where GOM Picker would continuously download the same video even after a different video was selected.
    • Added conversion preset for iPhone 5/5c/5s
    • Added conversion preset for Nintendo 3DS
    • Several improvements to GOM Picker. These will be described in more detail in a separate announcement.
    • Internal support for videos with FLAC audio has been added (input only).
    • Internal support for videos with ADPCM audio has been added (input only).
    • Internal support for input of the following video codec has been added (not supported as output formats).
    • Various shortcut keys have been added. You can find a list of currently supported shortcuts here: http://converter.gomlab.com/eng/support/faq/view.gom?intseq=90
    • "Mute Output Audio" feature has been added.
    • Improved the Segment feature.
    • Improved file information recognition and display.
    • Improved the Multi-Conversion feature.
    • Corrected an issue where conversions of some WMV, MPEG, and AVI files would not complete properly.
    • Corrected a subtitle sync issue with certain files.
    • Corrected an issue where certain MOV files could not be added to the conversion list.
    • Corrected an issue where certain H.264 MKV files would produce an error during conversion.
    • Corrected an issue where the audio in certain portions of some videos would be cut after converting using the Normalizer feature.
    • Corrected an issue where the "Analyze with GOM Reader" option was not being displayed when right-clicking on a supported file format. This issue would sometimes occur on systems where GOM Video Converter was installed by GOM Media Player was not. Formats supported by GOM Reader are as follows: ".avi" ".ra" ".rm" ".ram" ".rmvb" ".wmv" ".wma" ".asf" ".mp4" ".mov" ".3gp" ".3g2" ".k3g" ".skm" ".svi" ".lmp4" ".m4a" ".m4v" ".amc" ".mkv" ".ogg" ".ogm" ".ogv" ".flv" ".tp" ".ts" ".trp" ".mpeg" ".mpg" ".mpe" ".vob" ".m2v" ".m2t" ".mts" ".m2ts"
    • Other misc. changes and fixes.
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