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GOM Video Converter Released!

Views: 6,005 Date: 2015. 06. 17

A major update to GOM Video Converter was released on June 17, 2015.

Changes in version include:

1. Convert Function Improvement

   Improved the features of the internal source filters and the decoders as following:

   - Fixed the problem of adding some of the 3ivX codec videos.

   - Fixed the problem of converting some of the VOB files.

   - Fixed “when converting some of the VOB files, the conversion speed becomes minus” problem.

   - Fixed the conversion problem when setting a lower video frame for outputs than the original VOB files.

   - Fixed “when converting the Korean SRT subtitle with the version, the previous converted Korean subtitle file

     will be used for output” problem.

2. Disable Filters

  - For a better and stable conversion, the frequently used  [LAV Audio Decoder] is deleted from the Compatibility

    settings at default.

3. Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and improvements


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